Apartment living vs. renting a home

When discussing property managers for privately owned property, please note that I’m referencing our property management department at Giles Realty, LLC and its policies. We are a trusted property management company in our community, and as a result we have well-established procedures for owners, tenants, agents, and managers. 

The rental market here in Central Georgia/Warner Robins is versatile and robust. Robins Air Force Base keeps our housing market a revolving door for service people, contractors, government employees, and as a result, we have a wide variety of properties for lease. Apartments are the most popular option for people wanting to rent, but those who rent houses privately enjoy plenty of perks that apartment living can’t offer. Homes available for lease, for the most part, are privately owned. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to have a home ideal for their current situation… so let’s look at both options to see which might work better for you. If you have questions at the end, don’t worry! Send me an email for more assistance, and I’m happy to help.

Single Family Detached home features:
-Landscaping and exterior dwelling require maintenance from occupant
-Yard to enjoy (but also to cut-this could be a pro or con for you), especially for pets and kids
-More privacy- typically no shared walls with your neighbors
-Offers more storage- attic, garage, etc.
-Better for larger households and loud households (like mine!)
-Different owners have different pet policies- and some homes do not allow pets
-Managed by owner or property manager

Apartment Living:
-Share walls with neighbors on any side and/or above/below
-No landscaping/outside maintenance required
-Garages often not attached. Or costs $$$
-Very few storage options
-Community amenities- like pool, fitness, playground, sidewalks, security on site, and gated entry
-Often cover utilities like water, sewer, cable, trash
-Limited space for pets to exercise
-No yard to play in or run around
-Corporate-owned/corporate property manager

Managing apartments looks very different from representing private owners. In an apartment, your manager works for the owner, and answers to them alone, not the residents. While this feels impersonal, the managers in these situations are consistent across the board when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and policies. They answer to only one owner, even if that owner is a corporation. Policies in apartments are there for the managers to reference when making decisions on behalf of the owner. So that when “x” happens, whatever “x” is, the manager has the policy in place for all properties. Plus, in an apartment you have access to after-hours maintenance; most apartment complexes have an on-site maintenance director who can get repairs addressed quickly, and are especially quick in emergencies (flooding, no a/c, etc). Pet policies are applicable for apartments, but it’s highly unusual for apartments to not be pet-friendly.

For privately owned properties, landlords have more control when it comes to repairs… so while the property manager ensures that all contractors are licensed and insured, owners have the ultimate say in what repairs are made and by whom. Maintenance and aesthetics are all subject to the individual owners’ preferences- so if an owner doesn’t want pets living in their property, the manager must enforce the policy. The property manager still represents the owner just like apartment managers do; therefore they have a vested interest in holding high standards, because private property managers answer to both owners AND tenants. And being paid commission off of placing a tenant means that if a manager is known for managing sub-par homes and performs bare minimum maintenance, they’re not in business for long. Our owners trust us with a large and valuable investment…part of our job as the manager is to ensure that each property receives maximum care and attention.

Leasing is ideal for many people, especially around Warner Robins and Houston County where our residents often only live here a couple of years at a time. There are many perks and drawbacks to both options for leasing, and of course the Central Georgia area is a great place to put roots if you’re thinking of investing in real estate. 


If you’re new here, hi! I’m Hope, and I love talking about real estate… I’m a Realtor, an Accredited Buyer’s Representative, and a Military Relocation Professional. I love learning and problem solving… it’s my favorite! If you have any questions about real estate in general or about buying, renting, or selling a property, let’s chat! If I can’t help you where you are, a friend in my Realtor network can! 

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