Q&A with a Home Loan Lender

I had coffee recently with a friend of mine who works in mortgages. We call these professionals loan officers or loan originators. Your lender is just as important as your Realtor when you’re buying a home.

Picking a Winner: loan types

I’m your go-to for all questions about real estate…but while my license lets me help you find your next home, lenders require different licensure than mine.

5 things to do before looking at houses

If you're thinking of making a move, this information is for you! Whether you're moving across the country or across the street, it's VITAL to have all your ducks in a row before plunging into the home search. I know, I know... it's fun to look at houses! But if you're in the market, you will need to consider these things before  you get too far into your hunt. Run your Credit history...

Universal Qualities in Seasoned Realtors

What to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent In the Real Estate industry, a "seasoned" agent can mean an agent who's been an agent for decades and has sold thousands of homes, but it can also mean an agent who's survived trial-by-fire. Across the board, when you look at a seasoned agent, you'll find quite a few qualities and habits that they all (or most) possess. Your relationship with your realtor matters,...

USDA Loans: Building Futures

For many years, any consumer seeking a mortgage loan paid a substantial down payment. Some lenders required approximately 20% of the loan amount in cash due at closing. While this helped lower the foreclosure rate, it meant that home ownership was not an option for those in the low to moderate income brackets. The USDA loan is a  homeownership... in fact, in our Central Georgia area, there are more...

Apartment living vs. renting a home

When discussing property managers for privately owned property, please note that I'm referencing our property management department at Golden Key Realty and its policies. We've managed rental properties since 1978, and as a result we have  well-established procedures for owners, tenants, agents, and managers.  The rental market here in Central Georgia/Warner Robins is versatile and robust....

Appraisals and Why They Matter

What's an Appraisal? Appraisals... we can't live with em and we can't live without em in the real estate industry. Unless you have cash to pay for your home in full, chances are you'll pay for an appraisal on the property prior to closing. An appraisal is the most trusted source for information regarding a property, so let's look at what an appraisal is and why it's such a big part of most real estate...

Gratitude in Real Estate

I can just about guarantee that 2022 has been a challenge for you in some way. 2022 brought no shortage of trouble, but it's that struggle that makes us who we are. I've been in real estate for many years, and I've seen a lot of success and also heartbreak. The losses and struggles are how I keep my perspective of gratitude, but it's not an easy skill to maintain! I've always been on a real estate team...

What’s a Realtor, anyway?

A real estate brokerage is an entity that is licensed in the state to broker real estate transactions. Every licensed individual in a brokerage operates under the broker's license. Every brokerage must have an Operating Broker- meaning the responsible broker. Ultimately, a broker is responsible for training salespersons and maintaining accurate records of all transactions and trainings. Brokers do not...

Getting to Know Me

What can you expect from my website and blog? Probably a little bit of everything! I have a passion for educating my clients, customers, and friends with real estate knowledge. I don’t just want you making wise decisions when it comes to real estate- I want you to feel confident in making them! This is why I address current events in my industry as well as explain existing terminology, processes, and practices.

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