Home Inspections- why we need ’em

Home inspections are notoriously feared in the housing industry, and most folks think inspectors are just looking to pick apart a perfectly good home. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A home inspection is beneficial to both buyer AND seller, and can be looked at as asset to the transaction. In its simplest form, a home inspection is a strategy to get to know your future home. It’s a great asset to have as a future homeowner, because a home inspection doesn’t only point out defects and potential problems, but it can also help you anticipate maintenance needs.

Once the inspection is performed, the inspector provides their client with a detailed summary and overview report. It will include pictures of appliance serial numbers, ages of systems, and anything presently requiring maintenance or repair. The only home inspectors I recommend are licensed, bonded, and insured. So unless they fit these criteria, do not trust a family member or friend who has “a background in construction” to perform an official inspection for you- that’s just asking for trouble! After everyone has had a chance to review the report, buyers and sellers usually find a middle ground where the buyer is comfortable moving forward with the purchase. In resale homes (everything but new construction), sellers are often asked to make repairs based on the report findings. This can be a reasonable request, but buyers need to understand that they aren’t buying a brand new home, and it may have some minor imperfections.

I find inspections to be helpful, even when not actively selling. Unless you’re vigilant about your home maintenance (and nowadays, who has time to be?!), you may want to consider getting an updated inspection. It can show you issues that as an owner, you didn’t even know about. If you struggle to remember to change your air filter every month like I do, then a home inspection every 5 years might be a good idea. After an inspection, you’ll know approximately how long until the large ticket items will need replacing. For most, these unexpected and costly repairs can set them back months or longer. Knowing upcoming repairs in advance will give you more time to stash away money for it. It leaves you without the added urgency of needing the repair done ASAP. If you have the time to shop local competitors, project costs, and save up some money, your crisis will be much less intense when it comes around… and you’ll no doubt save money! Inspectors can be vetted by looking at their Google reviews, BBB standing, and social media.

My name is Hope Williams, and I’m a Realtor, Accredited Buyer’s Rep, and Military Relocation Professional in Warner Robins, Georgia. I work all over the state, but focus primarily in Central Georgia. I love educating others on the real estate industry, and would be happy to address any of your specific questions, too! If you’re looking for a Realtor, let me know. If I can’t help you where you are, I can match you with a local expert who can!

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