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Kathleen and Bonaire are two separate zip codes and areas. They’re treated as separate areas in Houston County, but are often combined when referring to rural Houston County, because they are unincorporated. These areas are largely zoned county only, meaning most in these areas don’t pay city taxes. This area is also eligible for USDA financing, so it’s definitely an affordable area to live.

Kathleen boasts Houston Lake, the largest water source for Houston County. Houston Lake features plenty of water activities and gorgeous views of sunrise and sunset. This is where the county Country Club is as well as a popular golf course.

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Get to know Hope and hear things in her own words as she takes a driving tour through Walker’s Grove in Kathleen!


Bonaire is the easternmost area in Houston County. It abuts the Ocmulgee Wildlife Reserve, and is largely undeveloped at this point. Bonaire is home to the newest schools in Houston County, Bonaire Elementary and Veterans High. These schools also serve the majority of the Kathleen area as well. 
Kathleen is the southern/western area of Houston County that is sandwiched between Perry and Bonaire. It is also unincorporated. Both cities house a Publix supermarket and there is significant growth along Hwy 96 which travels through both Kathleen and Bonaire.

Bonaire/Kathleen perks

  1. No city taxes for the vast majority of these properties.
  2. Less developed but close to shopping and schools.
  3. Convenient to Robins Air Force Base and contractors located around the base.

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