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For Investors/Owners:
A very large portion of my portfolio is made up of property investors. In my decade + of experience, I have helped countless investors find, repair, and rent properties to help them grow wealth. From helping you find the home to finding your perfect tenant, we’re a one stop shop! We can help you to grow your portfolio while also protecting what you already have. Our full service property management department maintains all records, coordinates repairs, collects and distributes rents, qualifies all tenants, and inspects properties currently leased.  Click the link above to learn more about how Golden Key Realty can help you maximize your return on investment properties!

For Tenants: 
As a licensed Realtor, I’m able to show any property in Georgia that’s listed within our MLS system. Meaning if the home is professionally managed, chances are I can show it. My tenant clients are usually referred to me by past tenants, and there’s no greater compliment to me than for you to trust me with your family and friends’ business too. I ensure that Fair Housing protected classes remain protected when negotiating your lease. And the good news for you is that my services are FREE! So why not take advantage of having a professional in your corner to ensure your new home is safe, comfortable, and affordable? Call me today!

My Services For Renters

Show Available Properties

I’m available to show available properties to the tenants who are interested in leasing. While most showings are in person, I also offer virtual showings for nonlocal clientelle.

Document Assistance

I assist all clients, whether owner or tenant, with the paperwork required. I review your lease and answer any and all questions you have.


Your relationship with me doesn’t end just because you’re in your new rental- I’m with you for all of it! I help you find new rentals when needed, & stay in touch with you throughout your lease to help.

Local Directory

My experience in the area means that I have done all of the hard work already to find reliable and affordable contractors for anything you may need real estate.

Property Location

Whether you’re looking for a home to lease or an investment property to purchase yourself, I use multiple databases to search available homes that fit your needs.

Marketing Homes

At Golden Key Realty, we manage hundreds of privately owned investment properties. We ensure our managed homes get the visibility to be rented quickly and by qualified tenants. 

Have a look around...
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Check out the current homes available. This search is set up to include all of the state of Georgia, and I’m licensed to help all over the state. If you need different criteria than what is available here, click on the contact tab and send me a message! I’m able to search by literally HUNDREDS if not thousands of criteria markers. Let’s see how I can help you Hope, for the best home.

Have Questions About Renting?

Check out my FAQs for renting homes in the Middle Georgia/Warner Robins area

In most cases, owning your home is more advantageous than leasing your home. HOWEVER, the Warner Robins housing market is largely based around Robins AFB. Since the military moves members ever couple of years, often leasing here is more advantageous.

Even so, owning your home here can mean a future investment property which has so much potential for growing your wealth! Only you can decide whether buying a home is right for you… I help people every day with making these types of decisions. My best interest is not in making a sale, but in helping you. When you’re happy, I’m happy!

I am a mom of dogs. I foster dogs and have three large dogs myself. Trust me when I say that it’s not you, it’s them! While the vast majority of pet owners are responsible and maintain the pet’s living quarters, many owners have heard nightmares of permitting pets. In fact, of my owners who do not allow pets (not many of them), the only ones who refuse pets are those who have personally had bad experiences with pets in their properties. Since properties we lease are privately owned, each property owner gets to decide whether to permit pets in the home. Almost all owners will require a non-refundable pet deposit and require you to have carpets professionally cleaned upon vacating.

The exception to this rule regards the ownership of service dogs. If your pet is a documented service animal (if yours is, you’ll definitely know it) for you, then an owner cannot discriminate against your application based on the animal. These exceptions are not common, but are there to protect the most vulnerable citizens- those with disabilities.

There are many laws in place to protect all consumers of the investment industry. Our federal government provides protections against discrimination and mistreatment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), familial status, and disability. More info on our federal Fair Hosing Act and its protections can be found here.

For Georgia residents, your specific protections and our housing laws can be found in the State of Georgia Owner/Tenant Handbook

Rental insurance is required on many leases. It protects you as the tenant from liability if there is damage to the property and you are the faulty party. Any homeowner with a mortgage will have homeowner’s insurance to cover the investment in case of a fire, natural disaster, a flood, etc. If the damage to the property is the tenant’s fault, many owners’ insurance will not cover the loss. 

Not only is rental insurance a good way to protect yourself from liability, it will also be who pays you for replacement household items in case of a major loss. No insurance policy for owners will EVER cover tenant’s belongings, so it is up to you as the tenant to obtain adequate insurance.

What My Past Clients Have to Say

about working with me as their agent

Hope was my SUNSHINE through the whole process of buying my first ever home. She is beautiful, patient, kind, always helpful, and available when needed. I still can count on her to help me navigate living in a new state. What a Blessing!
by Rose D.
Hope is an absolute class act! When I decided to buy some rental properties in Warner Robins, GA, she always looked out for my best interests! She took her time and pointed out the pros and cons of everything! She's been my realtor for many years and I wouldn't choose anyone else! She's professional, friendly, understanding, honest, and an expert whether you're buying or selling! When you do business with her, rest assured you're dealing with THE BEST!...THANKS again for everything Hope!...I really appreciate it!
by Kris B.
Mrs.Hope is AMAZING. She helped me and my girlfriend search for houses every single day and we viewed many houses throughout multiple weeks. If anybody is looking to buy a home I strongly recommend hope as your realtor. SHE IS PERFECT
by Curtis M.
Hope listened to all of my wants and needs in a home and she found great listings that matched what I was looking for. She has wonderful communication through the entire process and I was so happy to get to buy yet another home through her! Hope is the best and I absolutely recommend doing business with her.
by Catherine K.
Hope is the type of realtor you really want finding your home. She listens to your wants and musts; then works diligently to find your dream home. My husband broke his ankle and she video called me to do a walk through we had scheduled. It ended up being the perfect home for us.
by Nakita F.
Absolutely love Hope! She takes your every want and need into consideration to find you the perfect home. You can tell that she loves her job and cares for each and every client/customer she has. She is one of a kind! She is extremely patient with any questions or concerns. This was my first time buying a home and she was there every step of the way.
by Brittany K.
Hope helped sell my Dad's home and I don't know what we would have done without her. Her depth of knowledge about both the local market as well as the process of selling is invaluable. She returns calls and texts almost immediately and her calm approach put everyone at ease during the always stressful period of getting a home on the market through to signing the paperwork.
by Kalli P.
Hope made Our home-buying experience Absolutely Wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some help when buying a new home! She was there for our needs day & night, answering any questions we had! Very, very helpful and knowledgeable!!
by Angel Wood
Hope Williams is the greatest realtor ever! I was out of state trying to buy a house in the Middle Georgia area and I would not have been able to if it were not for Hope. From her video walk through work to her positive attitude she is a shining star in the realtor world. Hope is an excellent negotiator. If I had not taken her advice on the offer I put in, I would have lost the house to one of the five other people bidding against me. I already have two other family members buying property and using her as their realtor! Honesty goes a long way. Rock on Hope Williams! I can't wait to see you when I buy my next property!
by Chris W.
Hope has far exceeded our expectations in the home buying process. She helped us in every step of the way and was always there to answer any questions we had, day or night.. She was amazing from start to finish. And for being first time home buyers we were totally clueless and she steered us in the right way the whole time. Highly recommend Hope!!
by Dani W.

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