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How it works, what to expect, and services offered

Selling your property in Central Goergia can be intimidating and stressful… but it doesn’t have to be! I have helped countless people sell property, whether that property is their personal home, a commercial building, land, or investment property. I’ve done it all, and would love to help you! As a detail-oriented person, I have tons of resources for my sellers- including my own personal moving checklists for every stage of selling a property.

The question of “What next?” is always in your mind as a seller- so let me help you figure out what you want your “next” to look like, and how I can help you get there! As your agent, I have a passion for helping you grow your wealth and secure your future. When you hire me, you won’t have to ask “What next?” because I’ve already prepared you for it!

So what can you expect from hiring me as your agent to sell your property in Houston County, Central Georgia, and beyond? Here’s what to expect from me as your Realtor:

  • Consistent communication
    • Every minute feels like an hour when you’re waiting to hear from your agent. Knowing you’re a priority to them matters! When I’m with you, you know that I’m WITH you! If you call and don’t get me, that’s ok! I return calls and messages as quickly as reasonably possible, always same day.
  • Active listening skills
    • This goes along with communication, BUT it’s not the same! When you’re talking to your agent, they are listening for what you say AND what you don’t say. I listen to understand what your priorities and needs are as well as to know you better as an individual- we’re all different, and you know what they say when we assume 😉
  • Organized
    • There are SO MANY small tasks in a real estate transaction- and they’re all vital! Having an agent who has systems to keep everything on track through the whole process makes all the difference. At any given time, you can call your agent to ask for a status update on the transaction… and they should be able to answer!
  • Experience
    • The market is very unpredictable right now, but that’s OK! Any realtor who has quality experience will be able to advise and respond to the market in the way you need. Navigating market conditions is vital to success in selling or buying a home, no matter what the conditions look like!

When you hire me as your Realtor, I give  you my absolute best work- because you deserve nothing less! No matter who you are, where you come from, or how big or small the property, give me a call! I’d love to help you to Hope, for the best home!

My Services For Sellers

Market Analysis

I offer free market analyses by request. Just send me your address, and I’ll take it from there! It never hurts to have an idea of your home’s value.

Professional Pictures

When it comes to selling, pictures make all the difference! If appropriate, I cover cost of pro pictures, drone pictures, video tours, etc. You have final say in all pictures used.

Scheduling Showings

Logistics is my middle name… I communicate via your preferred method. I track all showings, all keybox entries, inspections, closings, etc. for you.

Marketing the home

I ensure your property is on all the biggest websites as well as featured on My listings go into the statewide database so everyone sees it.

Document Management

There is a lot of paperwork involved in selling a property- and I’m an expert at managing all of it and keeping your transaction organized and within our state and federal compliance laws.


I’m your one stop shop for everything selling real estate- need a contractor? I got you! Having logistics trouble with moving? Let me know and I can help! I love solving problems!

What's my home worth?
No obligation Analysis

When you’re looking to sell property, price matters the most! No two properties are ever the same, so they cannot be treated like they are! Using my years of experience across multiple markets, I’m able to help you price your property based on your needs. This will help you in deciding your timing, price point, and expected days on the market.

When the market changes, so does your home’s value. I offer free analyses, even if you’re not ready to sell yet. Because your home selling depends on timing, pricing, marketing strategy, and so many more things- set yourself up for success in selling by building the best selling team possible- and that starts with finding your agent. So let’s chat to see how I can help you!

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Property Selling FAQs

Check out my most commonly asked questions from sellers.

The short answer is yes. But the best answer is that it depends on the situation. So much goes into pricing a home: its condition, the season, the market, the economy, and so much more.

As your agent, I help you develop your selling strategy which gives you the best chances for success. In doing so, you’re able to anticipate future problems with the home that could affect its value. You can look at location, upcoming economic shifts and neighborhood activity, plus home amenities to see how the value will weather any storm. So while your home may depreciate during a down market, you can make choices now that can protect its viability: condition, amenities, features, and so much more can be controlled by the homeowner to maximize value.

It can be! In a thriving economy, the cost to build a new home is more expensive because materials and labor are more costly. However, new homes take at least a few months to build, so it’s not always an option for buyers needing something immediately. New construction will always be competition for resale properties, and often a greater value is found in resale homes. A professional agent can help you weigh your options in your specific situation so that you’re confident in your decision.

In the most simple terms, a broker is an individual (or entity like a brokerage) who is legally permitted to bring two parties together for their mutual benefit. Home sellers need to sell, and home buyers need to buy. A broker helps keep all parties within legal boundaries, helps keep focus on the transaction/goal, and negotiates on their client’s behalf with their best interest in mind. 

If you are a client, your broker owes you complete confidentiality- nothing you say can be shared without your express permission.

I honestly believe “Zestimate” should be considered a swear word! Many large real estate companies will try to price your home, usually in an attempt to gain your business themselves. So why should you trust a person over a large company who is obviously successful? Because Zillow’s never been in your home! They take recent sales, even foreclosures and “For Sale by Owner” properties, into account when pricing your home. Only someone who knows our specific market can really accurately price properties. 

There are a few different phases of selling a property. The first is the prelist phase in which you decide when you’re going to list, how much to ask, and who you’re partnering with to sell it.

The second phase is the most unpredictable- this is your marketing/actively listed phase… this can take anywhere from half a day to half a year (or more, depending!). I prepare my sellers on what to expect so far as listing period.

The third and final phase is the escrow phase. This time is when the attorney is performing the necessary duties to ensure the property can be sold and by the person who signed the contracts. This time can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks, and usually the time taken depends on the lender and type of loan being obtained.

What my clients have to say

You don't have to take my word for it!

Hope was my SUNSHINE through the whole process of buying my first ever home. She is beautiful, patient, kind, always helpful, and available when needed. I still can count on her to help me navigate living in a new state. What a Blessing!
by Rose D.
Hope is an absolute class act! When I decided to buy some rental properties in Warner Robins, GA, she always looked out for my best interests! She took her time and pointed out the pros and cons of everything! She's been my realtor for many years and I wouldn't choose anyone else! She's professional, friendly, understanding, honest, and an expert whether you're buying or selling! When you do business with her, rest assured you're dealing with THE BEST!...THANKS again for everything Hope!...I really appreciate it!
by Kris B.
Mrs.Hope is AMAZING. She helped me and my girlfriend search for houses every single day and we viewed many houses throughout multiple weeks. If anybody is looking to buy a home I strongly recommend hope as your realtor. SHE IS PERFECT
by Curtis M.
Hope listened to all of my wants and needs in a home and she found great listings that matched what I was looking for. She has wonderful communication through the entire process and I was so happy to get to buy yet another home through her! Hope is the best and I absolutely recommend doing business with her.
by Catherine K.
Hope is the type of realtor you really want finding your home. She listens to your wants and musts; then works diligently to find your dream home. My husband broke his ankle and she video called me to do a walk through we had scheduled. It ended up being the perfect home for us.
by Nakita F.
Absolutely love Hope! She takes your every want and need into consideration to find you the perfect home. You can tell that she loves her job and cares for each and every client/customer she has. She is one of a kind! She is extremely patient with any questions or concerns. This was my first time buying a home and she was there every step of the way.
by Brittany K.
Hope helped sell my Dad's home and I don't know what we would have done without her. Her depth of knowledge about both the local market as well as the process of selling is invaluable. She returns calls and texts almost immediately and her calm approach put everyone at ease during the always stressful period of getting a home on the market through to signing the paperwork.
by Kalli P.
Hope made Our home-buying experience Absolutely Wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some help when buying a new home! She was there for our needs day & night, answering any questions we had! Very, very helpful and knowledgeable!!
by Angel Wood
Hope Williams is the greatest realtor ever! I was out of state trying to buy a house in the Middle Georgia area and I would not have been able to if it were not for Hope. From her video walk through work to her positive attitude she is a shining star in the realtor world. Hope is an excellent negotiator. If I had not taken her advice on the offer I put in, I would have lost the house to one of the five other people bidding against me. I already have two other family members buying property and using her as their realtor! Honesty goes a long way. Rock on Hope Williams! I can't wait to see you when I buy my next property!
by Chris W.
Hope has far exceeded our expectations in the home buying process. She helped us in every step of the way and was always there to answer any questions we had, day or night.. She was amazing from start to finish. And for being first time home buyers we were totally clueless and she steered us in the right way the whole time. Highly recommend Hope!!
by Dani W.

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