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Picking a Winner: loan types

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Universal Qualities in Seasoned Realtors

What to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent In the Real Estate industry, a "seasoned" agent can mean an agent who's been an agent for decades and has sold thousands of homes, but it can also mean an agent who's survived trial-by-fire. Across the board, when you look at a seasoned agent, you'll find quite a few qualities and habits that they all (or most) possess. Your relationship with your realtor matters,...

7209 Hawkinsville Rd, Macon GA 31216

Building for sale in southwest Bibb County- minutes from Robins Air Force Base and I-75. Perfect location for a satellite office needing proximity to the interstate, the Houston-Bibb airport, and Robins AFB. All 5 spaces already leased, so could work great as an investment property. Offering for sale for $480,000.  Convenient location- minutes from Centerville, North Warner Robins, and less than 15...

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What can you expect from my website and blog? Probably a little bit of everything! I have a passion for educating my clients, customers, and friends with real estate knowledge. I don’t just want you making wise decisions when it comes to real estate- I want you to feel confident in making them! This is why I address current events in my industry as well as explain existing terminology, processes, and practices.

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