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The Dream Team in Your Corner: Meet Your Transaction Squad

Buying a home is an exhilarating journey filled with excitement and anticipation. From scouring listings to signing the final papers, it's a process that involves multiple players working together to ensure everything goes smoothly. As the star of the show, you've got your Realtor leading the charge, but there's a whole team backing you up, each with a specific role to play. As long as you...

Appraisals and Why They Matter

What's an Appraisal?Appraisals... we can't live with em and we can't live without em in the real estate industry. Unless you have cash to pay for your home in full, chances are you'll pay for an appraisal on the property prior to closing. An appraisal is the most trusted source for information regarding a property, so let's look at what an appraisal is and why it's such a big part of most...

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