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Warner Robins is the largest area in Houston County. It’s known locally and in the state as “The International City.” It’s called such because of the wide variety of residents it contains. Robins Air Force Base is in Warner Robins, and it offers the unique opportunity for a melting pot of denizens. Military and retired military personnel make up a large portion of Warner Robins population: to find someone originally from here is not always an easy task! I personally love the Warner Robins area… it has plenty of shopping centers, restaurants (chain and locally owned), and medical support. Since it was developed in the 20th century, the layout of Warner Robins is fairly easy to get a hang of… like larger cities, the roads are laid out like a grid, with several roads going North/South and several going East/West… these roads are well-maintained, offer sidewalks (or mostly), and usually fairly easy to navigate. In addition, I-75 offering 3 exits that go directly into Warner Robins… it’s great place to live, even if your work isn’t local.

Of the 5 total high schools in Houston County, Warner Robins contains 3 of them: Warner Robins High, Northside High, and Houston County High. All 5 of our high schools compete nationally in many areas, and as such, we have many who move based strictly and solely on school zones. While this can be a realistic way to look for homes, remember that school zones change. And with the unprecedented growth in Warner Robins, the county is almost always constructing more schools which affects the zoning. Thankfully, Warner Robins has a thriving Parks and Recreation department that is bustling with events and sports, and they maintain Warner Robins’s many parks.

Robins Air Force Base (or RAFB for short) brings a lot of enrichment to our community, and not just for military members and their families. RAFB attracts thousands every year to visit the Museum of Aviation and to attend a variety of events hosted by the Base. This museum operates under a nonprofit, and as such is able to keep cost of admission extremely low, and sometimes free. They have a variety of exhibits for all ages, meaning everyone has something to enjoy! Aside from the Museum of Aviation, RAFB brings family events to the community. RAFB hosts airshows and fairs routinely. They also work closely with the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce to partner with local businesses and students to support the community. Warner Robins, in my opinion as a 15 year resident, has the best of all the worlds: convenient shopping, well-performing schools, a thriving business environment, and is so convenient for travel and long commutes. I-75 offering 3 exits that go directly into Warner Robins.


Take a Tour!

In this video narrated by Hope Williams regarding Property Appraisals, we’ll take a tour through The Estates at Lake Joy of Warner Robins, GA!


Warner Robins is sandwiched between I-75 and Robins Air Force Base. It’s a large city, the largest in Houston County. It’s located about 20 miles south of Macon and about 100 miles south of Atlanta. 

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

  1. In 2012, CNN Money named Warner Robins No. 7 on its Best Places To Live list for America’s best small cities. (roadtrippers)
  2. Warner Robins is 3 hours from sandy beaches and 3 hours from the Blue Ridge mountains.
  3. Warner Robins is known for its cultural diversity and focus on fine arts and sports activities means you’re only bored if you want to be.
  4. Houston County BoE is a highly rated and competitively ranked school board, with earning an overall A- from niche.com
  5. Warner Robins has a history of providing economic stability to residents- RAFB and distribution centers steadily create new jobs and the infrastructure is strong as a result.

5 Interesting facts:

  1. Warner Robins is home to Little League Baseball. In fact, it’s where Tee-ball was invented.
  2. Warner Robins houses the Museum of Aviation and brings thousands to the area annually.
  3. The Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce is a nationally leading Chamber well known for a robust supporter of the community.
  4.  Miss America 2016, Betty Cantrell, was born in Warner Robins, GA.
  5. The Warner Robins town motto is “EDIMGIAFAD” … bonus points if you can tell a resident what it stands for!

Local Resources

Here are links to the Warner Robins tool-kit of resources. From healthcare, local government, events, and news, this is your one-stop spot for all things Warner Robins:

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